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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Them Decisions

It’s summer, we have visitors and having to make a decision on what I’d write about this week I thought I’d lighten up on this post and tell you one of my father’s stories. I guess they were supposed to be jokes but they always had a point.

It’s about this farmer who hired a man for a few days to help him with all the chores that had accumulated during a busy summer. The man was a pleasant surprise; he was willing, handy and used his head so he seemed to get everything done so quickly that the farmer ran out of chores for him to do when he had one whole working day left.

Finally he had the bright idea of taking the man to the half underground potato house where he had stored his winter supply of spuds and said ‘This should be a restful day for you after all your hard work. All I want you to do with the potatoes left in there is to sort them into 3 piles – the good ones, the ones that need to be eaten right away and the rotten ones to throw out’.

When the farmer came back at the end of the day he found the man sitting there with only a few potatoes in each pile. When he asked him what happened, his worker drawled; ‘Well you see Mister - I don’t mind no real work but it’s them decisions that’s so hard to make.’ Rie

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