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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Good Book

Ever since I was in my mid teens when I began to think for myself, I have sought answers to the big questions about the meaning of my life and of the values to live by that might lead to having a satisfying and fulfilling life. It has been through reading and observation that I have developed over many years some answers that measure up to my constant need for rigorous logic.  The study of science, and particularly reading about the latest findings on evolution and complexity theory, have helped me understand why I am happiest when pursuing my drive to constantly learn and understand and my tendency to want to share my insights.

However, I have felt a gap in my quest because I have not read many of the books of wise people who have faced the same questions and come up with their own answers – the secular philosophers.  This week I discovered  A.C. Graling and ‘The Good Book’ that was actually published last year .  In a short video Grayling describes the how the Holy Bible, which he carefully studied over many years, was an edited compilation of the writings of many 'prophets' who lived from about 400 BCE to 100 ACE. It occured to him about 30 years ago that he should compile and edit a similar book of the writings of the most important secular sages and philosophers including those from such sources as China, India and of course the western world. His authors differ from those of the Bible in that they are not religous and have only the desire to enlighten others with their own human observations and insights. For a more complete explanation of his book click on the video and hear Grayling give a longer lecture.

I feel hugely indebted to Anthony Grayling and look forward to filling any gaps in my knowledge about what has been written about the great questions that every thinking person faces.    Rie

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